Our Purpose

Midwest Parkour League is a series of parkour events held across several parkour facilities in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, with more to come as the league continues to grow. Parkour has always been a community driven sport with a culture of openness and sharing of ideals, training methods, and our own cities.

  • Gain experience through competition
  • Meet other parkour students across the region
  • Share skills with one another
  • Visit other parkour facilities

Our History

Due to the involvement of FIG (International Federation of Gymnastics) in parkour during 2017-2018, we decided to host our own grassroots competition series to combat their unwanted claim of our sport and provide a competitive progression path for our students as a means of improving, providing a goal to strive for, and to help inspire the younger generations by creating an environment where they will see and interact with those more experienced practitioners.

Over just a couple months in early 2018 we founded the Midwest Parkour League and with little organization or planning held our first series of 5 competitions which gathered over 200 participants. The 6 original members were: Akron Movement Family, Fight or Flight Academy, Kentuckiana Parkour, Parkour Horizons, Phoenix Freerunning Academy, and Swift Movement Studio.

How can you help the League grow?

Most importantly is to share it and invite your friends to these events! The more participants we have the better prizes we will be able to get!

Additionally, for our league to grow effectively we need a budget to cover marketing, prizes, and equipment that will be put directly back into the community to help create more opportunities and provide a better experience for all of those involved. We are offering multiple sponsorship options to ensure that both your needs are met and it helps us to accomplish our goal. If you have any additional ideas of how we can ensure what you donate is beneficial for you then please email seth@swift-movement.com

Sponsorship Levels:

    • Product Donor – It is at your discretion to provide the quantity of items as they could be used either as prizes for events, or as door prizes. Some examples of product donations that would be great are; Water bottles, Apparel, Shoes, Stickers, wrist bands, sports drinks, etc.
      • Listed as supporter on website
      • Listed as supporter for the league on social media platforms
      • Will be named in thank you announcement during awards ceremony at each event
    • Platinum Sponsor ($500) 0/1 available
      • All lower tier rewards
      • Special thank you announcement at all of our events (by you or one of our league admins)
      • 1st Tier Sponsor Logo on MPL t-shirts (larger logo)
      • Back of flyer
      • Stickers/Vinyl decals with your logo will be placed on obstacles during the finals
      • Unique post on our social media accounts for your organization
    • Gold Sponsor ($250) 2/3 available
      • All lower tier rewards
      • 2nd Tier Sponsor Logo on MPL t-shirts
      • Booth space available to sell merch at MPL event
    • Silver Sponsor ($100) 10/10 available
      • All lower tier rewards
      • Link to your company/organization on our website
      • Logo on all print media:
        • Posters in 25-50 parkour, ninja, gymnastics, and trampoline facilities
        • Flyers to be handed out to all students and potential participants (Approximately 1500)
    • Bronze Sponsor ($50)
        • Thanked in a group post on all of our social media platforms
    • Supporter ($25)
      • Listed as supporter on our website (or choose to remain anonymous)


Major thanks to all of our current sponsors and event hosts: 

American Parkour


Swift Movement Studio

United States Parkour Association